maps from earlier days

A few maps and sites that I found while researching my Ignite paper but didn’t include (often because they weren’t what I was researching) and forgot to blog:

from Princeton’s International Networks Archive, non-geographic mapping, reorganising the placement of cities around the world based on the travel time between a chosen hub and the remaining cities (in the screenshot above, Sydney is acting as the hub). Transport methods include “elephant ride into jungle”, “walk around very crowded city”, and so on. [via Ethan Zuckerman’s …My heart’s in Accra]

This specific map I did feature, briefly, in my presentation: MapTube, a site for sharing, creating, and doing mash-up type things with maps. A variety of visualisations there, including such maps as global Big Mac prices, UK credit crunch maps, and the above geographically-correct London Underground as an overlay on Google Maps map of the Greater London area. A lot of London-specific and UK maps so far, although as it’s run by University College London, that’s not unsurprising. [via The Map Room]

And some links for today: