collected slides: ICA and ANZCA 2015

A quick round-up of the slides for my various presentations from May and July at ICA in Puerto Rico and ANZCA in New Zealand: if you wanted to know what was on the slides (no audio) for presentations about, variously, birth and death as depicted on Instagram, Eurovision, Democracy Sausage, the Australian spatial imaginary and social media, visual social media and methodological challenges, and news and Twitter, then read on! These papers were variously prepared with Tama Leaver, Axel Bruns, Peta Mitchell, and Elizabeth Ellison.


ICA Mobile Preconference (San Juan, Puerto Rico: May 2015)

Tama Leaver and Tim Highfield: ‘Instagramming the ends of identity’

(ed: obviously, with 15 minutes to present not all 45 slides were talked about in the presentation itself!)


ICA (San Juan, Puerto Rico: May 2015)

Tim Highfield: ‘Depicting social television on Instagram’


Axel Bruns and Tim Highfield: ‘Social media news audiences and the quantified journalist’


ANZCA (Queenstown, New Zealand: July 2015)

Tim Highfield: ‘Bangers and mash-ups’


Peta Mitchell, Tim Highfield, and Elizabeth Ellison: ‘Mapping the Australian spatial imaginary via social media’


Tim Highfield and Tama Leaver: ‘Visual social media and digital methods’ (an updated version of the paper presented at ‘Digging the Data’ in Sydney in April 2015).