16/03/2008 – (18/07/2011) – 17/11/2011

Thesis Inside
Spine Inside


Corrections made, thesis printed and bound, all paperwork signed off – the PhD is now complete. I’m off to Brisbane in a few weeks for graduation, and then my time as a student really will be all over.

The thesis will soon be available through QUT’s eprints website. Once it’s uploaded, I’ll add the link here – if you’re interested in looking at it before then, send me an email and I’ll see what I can do!


On 14 July 2011 – just over three weeks ago – three printed copies of my PhD thesis were received by the QUT Research Students Centre, and from there were sent out to examiners. After 1221 days, my PhD journey is, for now, at an end, and many thanks are due to everyone who has helped over the last three and a bit years. The thesis work will restart in a few months’ time, when the examiners’ reports come back and there are changes to be made, but I’ve been enjoying not thinking about the Great Work for a little while. The first half of this year in particular has been a blur, a flurry of writing and editing, and having been sitting at a computer in the UWA Reid Library for a lot of this time, going offline and not doing much at all has made for a welcome, and much-needed, break.

That said, the ‘holiday’ has to end at some point, with some new discussions to come from next week onwards. However, before covering new topics, it would be a little amiss not to note that the thesis was completed and lodged for examination. Even if QUT doesn’t give out mugs…


Original post lost in site crash of May 2011.

Presented at QUT, 10 March 2011:


Original post lost in site crash of May 2011.

With Lars Kirchhoff and Thomas Nicolai. Panel presentation at IR11, Gothenburg, Sweden. October 2010:


Original post lost in site crash of May 2011.

Paper presented at IR11, Gothenburg, Sweden, October 2010:

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