Original post lost in site crash of May 2011.

Presented at QUT, 10 March 2011:


Original post lost in site crash of May 2011.

With Lars Kirchhoff and Thomas Nicolai. Panel presentation at IR11, Gothenburg, Sweden. October 2010:


Original post lost in site crash of May 2011.

Paper presented at IR11, Gothenburg, Sweden, October 2010:


Last month, I moved back to Perth, and have been (very slowly) getting back into the routine of the PhD and refamiliarising myself with my data. Over the next few months, hopefully, there will be more posts going up here as I work through case studies (but this might not happen).

If you haven’t already seen it, what you should be keeping an eye on is Mapping Online Publics, the new site for the major research project being run by Axel Bruns and Jean Burgess in partnership with Sociomantic Labs. While the project itself will cover additional social media sites, currently Axel and Jean are posting detailed commentary on current Australian use of Twitter, around both the upcoming Federal election and the just-finished season of Masterchef. The site also highlights how the analysis is being carried out, which tools are most useful, and details the first stages of the research moving away from covering political blog discussions to wider tracking of Australian communication online.


I’m currently in Singapore, having spent the last few days at the now-concluded International Communication Association conference for 2010. As well as going to various interesting presentations covering a wide range of processes, subjects, and disciplines (including such topics as the uses of Twitter while watching television programmes and the anatomy of YouTube memes), I also prepared a short presentation on some of the network mapping I’ve been doing recently, using data collected by Lars Kirchhoff and Thomas Nicolai of Sociomantic Labs. The final paper authored by the three of us, ‘Challenges of tracking topical discussion networks online’ will be available later, but for the moment here are the slides used yesterday morning at 8.30 (and, for more explanation, Axel Bruns was liveblogging both this session and the rest of the conference too):

[For details of the other presentation I was involved with, ‘Mapping the Australian Networked Public Sphere’ (Axel Bruns, Jean Burgess, Tim Highfield, Lars Kirchhoff, and Thomas Nicolai), Axel has the slides online here]

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