how to get it

To borrow:
Request Instagram for your local and/or university library! Check out current listings at

To buy:
Our first preference is to order the book either through your local independent bookstore or directly from the publisher. It’s available as paperback and hardback at reasonable prices (especially for the paperback), and the open ebook will be out soon too. The ISBN for the book is 9781509534395 (paperback), 9781509534388 (hardback), and 9781509534401 (ebook), if your local bookstore requires this information!

If buying from the publisher, you can also currently order all titles in the Digital Media & Society series, including Instagram, from Polity with a 20% discount using the discount code PYDMS. If you are a lecturer or course coordinator, you can request an evaluation copy from Polity / Wiley.

You can of course also order the book from many of the usual online suppliers…