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The latest thing (January 2017):

Here’s my round-up of what I got up to in 2016, featuring all publications, details of talks and presentations, and links to other work (including my winning GIF IT UP! entry).



Social Media and Everyday Politics

It’s my book, and it’s out now! Full information is available here, and┬áplease feel free to contact me about anything related to it — and if you like it, please review it and encourage people to take a look! You can find the book in actual bookstores: This page has a list of bookstores known to have copies in store (or in their online catalogues), which includes stores in Australia, Singapore, the UK, and the USA! There are the online options of Amazon and Book Depository, as well as direct from Polity and Wiley.

I also have fridge magnets available featuring the book cover — get in touch with me if you’d like one, or hit me up at a conference/talk in 2017!


Coming up in 2017:

Conferences and talks
SCMS – Chicago 22-26 March 2017
More to follow

Details coming soon!

QUT DMRC Summer School 2017 – Brisbane 6-10 February 2017
More to follow