can you help? request for archival material for ‘Digital Time’ project

latest post: the 2017 that was (February 2018)

latest publications: Emoji hashtags // hashtag emoji: Of platforms, visual affect, and discursive flexibility‘, First Monday, 23(9). (open access; doi:10.5210/fm.v23i9.9398)

Blended Data: Critiquing and Complementing Social Media Datasets, Big and Small‘ (sky croeser & Tim Highfield), Second International Handbook of Internet Research, Springer.

latest media: ‘The GIF as an increasingly important visual communication tool’, ABC Radio National Future Tense, February 2018

next talks: AoIR, Montreal, 10-13 October 2018:

  • ‘Digital methods’ preconference (10 Oct)
  • Visual Social Media Pedagogies-in-Practice’ experimental session (12 Oct)
  • ‘Pictogramic Cultures and Economies’ roundtable (13 Oct)
  • ‘Platformed Time: Prompts, Algorithms, and Temporal Contestation on Digital Media’ paper (13 Oct)

most recent talks: ‘Emoji worlds, imagined cities, and possible landscapes: The fleeting geographies of Twitter bots’, AAG, New Orleans, 10-14 April 2018

‘More Than Meets the Eye: Understanding Networks of Images in Controversies Around Racism on Social Media’ (Ariadna Matamoros-Fernández, Tim Highfield, & Felix Münch) – ICA18: ICA, Prague, 24-28 May 2018.

‘#BlackLivesMatter to #dogsatpollingstations (but not #CrookedHillary): Platform Politics and the Visual Affect of Twitter hashflags’ – ICA18: ICA, Prague, 24-28 May 2018.

‘Insta-timelessness: The algorithmic now, then, and when on Instagram’, Instagram conference, London, 1 June 2018.

‘Instagrammatics’ workshop — Digital Methods Initiative Summer School, Amsterdam (3 July 2018)

‘Visual cultures and politics of social media’ – Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme, Oxford (6 July 2018)